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We offer treatment for a range of skin conditions in our bright, modern clinics. Book an appointment with one of our experienced dermatologists in Oslo, Sandvika, Bergen or Stavanger.

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Konsultasjon hudlege


This includes examination, microscopy, bacterial/fungal samples and prescriptions.

An appointment with the dermatologist always starts with the consultation price. If any of the treatments below are to be carried out, the price for this is in addition to the consultation price. We strive to help you with what you need within one consultation hour. If there is no time, you must pay for a new consultation price at the next appointment, in addition to the price for the operation.

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Consultation time and cancellation

20 minutes are set aside for a consultation. If you suspect that you have a more extensive treatment need that requires a longer time, you can first contact us at

If you cannot attend the class, you must notify us at least 12 hours before to avoid cancellation fees. The fee is set at the same price as for a consultation.

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At Dr. Dropin Hud, you can safely seek help from carefully selected and highly qualified dermatologists who are there to help you with your skin when you need it.

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