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We take an active part in the exchange of opinions on health-related societal topics, and have many skilled specialists who can answer professional questions that the press discusses. If you want to get in touch with Dr.Dropin, we want you to send us an e-mail. We know that journalists often work with short deadlines, and therefore prioritize being quick in our feedback.

Press email:

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Dr. Daniel Sørli

Daniel Sørli is the general manager and founder of Dr.Dropin. He can answer questions about the day-to-day running of the company, health policy questions, and general inquiries to the company.

Dr.Dropin Skin

Reza Sohrabi is the medically responsible dermatologist at Dr.Dropin and comments on professional issues related to skin diseases and dermatology.

Psychology – Rebekka Egeland

Rebekka Egeland is a psychologist specializing in organizational psychology. She speaks on issues of clinical psychology, organizational change and leadership development.

Gynechology – Dr. Azita Mahmoudan

Dr. Azita Mahmoudan is a doctor and specialist in gynecology and fertility, and is also writing a PhD on PCOS. She speaks out on all issues related to women's health.

Physiotherapy/Chiropractic – Pål Sandvid

Manual therapist Pål Sandvid has many years of experience both from work in clinics and within sports. He is happy to give his opinion if you need a statement in the field of physiotherapy or chiropractic.

Dr.Dropin in the media

"Henter friske penger: Satser i utlandet og verdsettes til 850 millioner"

"Den private helseaktøren Dr. Dropin økte omsetningen med over 500 prosent i fjor. Nå verdsettes selskapet til 850 millioner, og henter185 millioner for å vokse utenfor Norge"

"When the ideology becomes a dark cloud"

"The private health market worries Minister Ingvild Kjerkol, I read in DN. Before I had time to write the answer, a municipality called: Could Dr. Dropin provide help to newly arrived refugees from Ukraine."

Debate in NRK-P2 about the Janssen-vaccine

Hear Dr.Daniel Sørli's participation in the debate on the government's decision on permission to administer the Janssen vaccine, and how Dr.Dropin decided early on not to participate in offering the vaccine.

"Dr. Dropin on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine: - It's really bad"

"Private doctors, vaccination clinics and travel clinics can now provide the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Dr. Dropin will not join the scheme, and believes the government is putting a lot of pressure on young people who just want to travel."

"The Startup Doctor"

General practitioner and entrepreneur Daniel Sørli got tired of administration, paperwork and little time for patients as a GP and started a private emergency service. Today, his company treats more than 1,000 patients a week and has a turnover of several million - while Sørli himself manages like never before.

"Made quick hairdresser - now they start the emergency room without a queue in the waiting room"

"With a fixed price and a mobile queuing system, Dr. Dropin hopes to outcompete both public emergency rooms and private medical clinics. The inspiration came from the hairdresser."


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