We want to make healthcare better, more affordable and available for everyone seeking medical attention

We know that many people are happy with their GP’s, but also that it can be difficult to get immediate medical attention when needed. Short opening hours and long queues within public healthcare can often lead to you not getting the help you need.

That’s why we made Dr.Dropin – an accessible and modern private healthcare provider that offer most medical services at a fixed price

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Our health care professionals see you

When we started Dr.Dropin our goal was to put the patient first

Our team of health care professionals consist of carefully chosen, and dedicated individuals. They are all well experienced in clinical medicine, and have Norwegian authorization , so that you can get the help you need.
We wish for everyone that requires medical attention to feel understood, at ease and that they have received the proper care.

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What we can do for you

Dr.Dropin can help you with a wide range of issues.

Lege og legespesialter

Dr.Dropin can help you with a wide range of medical issues - the same issues that a general practitioner or emergency room can assist you with.


Dr.Dropin kan hjelpe deg med et bredt spekter av medisinske problemstillinger. Få hjelp fra våre dyktige legespesialister, med time i klinikk eller over video.


Get help from one of our skilled psychologists or psychiatrists. Choose between an appointment in the clinic, video or walking-therapy.

Physiotherapist and chiropractor

We offer examination and treatment, regardless of the starting point. No referral and short waiting time.

“Many patients feel misunderstood and ignored when they visit their GP. At Dr.Dropin we try to do the opposite, while still cooperate with the GPs when necessary.”
Dr. Daniel Sørli

At Dr.Dropin, we now have over 200 healthcare professionals

Meet some of our talented employees here

Dermatologist Dr. Chinh K. Le

Dr. Le received his medical education from Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Poland, before specializing in dermatology and venereology at Førde Central Hospital and Haukeland University Hospital. Dr. Le has worked for Snapmed and Aleris.

Dermatological nurse Frida Elise Seim

Frida graduated as a nurse in 2017, at Østfold University College. and has further education in dermatological nursing at the Senzi Academy. She has visited most of the agencies in the health service, including emergency department and endocrinology outpatient clinic.

Dermatologist Dr. Reza Sohrabi

Dr. Reza Sohrabi is the medical manager at Dr. Dropin Hud, and has worked as a dermatologist since 2012. Dr. Sohrabi has his specialist training in skin diseases from Haukeland University Hospital, Oslo University Hospital and the regional hospital in Ryhov in Sweden. He has experience as a senior physician in the skin department at Rikshospitalet and as a dermatologist at Aleris.

Gynecologist Dr. Azita Mahmoudan

Dr. Azita Mahmoudan has been a physician since 1997, an obstetrician and gynecologist since 2004. Dr. Mahmoudan has extensive experience, and has worked as a gynecologist at the central hospital in Växjö (Sweden) and as a chief physician at Volda Hospital.

Gynecologist Dr. Julia Hoge

Dr. Julia Hoge has practiced since 2001 and has extensive experience from hospitals in both Sweden and Norway. In Norway, she has worked as a chief physician at both Østfold and Ringerike hospitals.

Gynecologist Dr. Milena Kresovic

On a daily basis, Milena works as a section chief physician at the Gynecology Department at Bærum Hospital. Milena can assist in all gynecological issues and is particularly interested in obstetrics (treatment of mothers and fetuses during pregnancy and childbirth).

Psychologist Nnaka

Nnaka is an authorized psychologist with several years of experience as a therapist in the specialist health service. With a focus on security, openness and a good relationship in the therapy room, you are invited to solve your current problems.

Psychologist Gjertrud

Gjertrud is a licensed psychologist and has several years of experience in treating people with a wide range of mental disorders. She adapts the approach and method to meet the individual's needs in an appropriate way.

Psychologist Rudi

Rudi is a licensed psychologist and has eight years of experience in talk therapy for adults with all types of psychological challenges. The main focus of therapy is to identify and change locked patterns in the way one thinks, feels and acts. As a conversation partner, he is concerned with finding the right balance between support and challenge with you.

Psychiatrist Janne

Thor Morten is a qualified doctor and specializes in adult psychiatry. He has worked in the specialist health service for over 13 years and has broad experience in the assessment and treatment of a number of mental disorders in adults. Thor Morten is a flexible and trust-building therapist who focuses on the whole person, and who is concerned with creating a safe and constructive collaborative climate in the therapy room.

Manual therapist Pål Sandvid

Pål is a specialist in manual therapy and cognitive therapy. He has many years of experience, both from work in the clinic and in sports. Pål examines and treats a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, with particular interest in sports injuries and complex ailments. He is concerned with listening and seeing the whole person, so that you experience that your problems are taken seriously.

Physiotherapist and PT Therese Skjølsvik

Therese treats musculoskeletal disorders in children and adults, with particular interest in exercise and work-related disorders, dizziness and headaches. She also works a lot with the neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot. Therese also has experience with ailments after undergoing pregnancy. As NPT, she is committed to both beginners and experienced. She herself has competed in athletics and runs CrossFit daily.

Chiropractor Ingrid Standal

Ingrid works a lot with ailments in the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, seat, hip and foot, as well as headaches. In addition, she has a lot of experience with the treatment of pregnancy problems. Ingrid regularly attends courses to stay professionally up to date. The techniques she uses are joint adjustments, mobilization, pressure point treatment, massage, pressure wave treatment and dry needles.

Chiropractor Kristoffer Sandhaugen

Kristoffer has experience with comprehensive treatment of acute and chronic muscle and joint ailments. He has taken several in-depth courses in back and neck treatment, dry needle technique, dizziness and rehabilitation. At Kristoffer, you meet a chiropractor who not only "chases pain", but who spends time understanding the whole of a problem. His focus is to get there so that you can take control of your own ailments and avoid relapse.

Plastic- and hand surgeon Dr. Nina Oliver

Nina has a specialist education from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital London, Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet and University College London. She has long and broad experience as a surgeon specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery from Oslo University Hospital.

Plastic- and hand surgeon Dr. Maria Vatne

Maria has a specialist education from Haukeland University Hospital, including the burn section and Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet. She has received continuing education with a master's degree in plastic surgery reconstruction and microsurgery from European school Barcelona in 2017.

Want to be part of our team?

As an employee of Dr.Dropin, you will have a fun and varied everyday life in modern clinics. You will be part of a competent professional environment with a good sharing culture across disciplines.

We offer competitive conditions and flexible working hours.

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