Psychological services for children and youths with families

Many children and youths experience psychological problems or periods where life pressures affect functioning, coping and well-being. Getting help early can have an impact on how such ailments develop and how much they affect the everyday life of the child, the young person and the families. For parents, it can be difficult to know how to meet the child or young person in the best possible way, and outside help can contribute to seeing new solutions and experiencing support and security in a demanding situation.

Dr.Dropin offers consultation and guidance with either a psychologist or psychiatrist for children and young people, parents and families.

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Children and youths

Therapy services for children and young people aged 12-15 who experience mild to moderate challenges related to stress, anxiety, loneliness or other problems.


Therapy services for families with both parents and children present. Get help and guidance to solve various challenges in the family, with a focus on improving the child's situation.


Therapy services for parents without children present to get guidance on how to be good carers, and get help with, among other things, family problems and boundary setting.

Meet our psychologists

The psychologists at Dr. Dropin have broad expertise within a number of subject areas and problems. Get to know the psychologists who have particular experience with children and young people, so that it will be easier to choose a psychologist best suited to your needs.

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What exactly is therapy?

It is not obvious to everyone what therapy entails, how long a course is or what it is usual to talk to the psychologist about. Would you like to learn more about therapy?

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