Effective and safe treatment of varicose veins

NEW: We offer treatment of varicose veins in our clinic in Hegdehaugsveien. We treat varicose veins via endovenous radiofrequency ablation (EVRF), as a minimally invasive procedure with a high success rate. Our vascular surgeon, Dr. Mehdi Sahba, has worked with the treatment of varicose veins for over 10 years, with very good results.

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Treatment with endovenous radiofrequency ablation (EVRF)

At Dr. Dropin, we treat varicose veins with endovenous radiofrequency ablation (EVRF), which is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat varicose veins. This method is designed to close aberrant veins by using radio frequency energy to generate heat, which then seals and closes the veins.

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How does it work?

Preparation: Before the procedure starts, you will be asked to change into an operating gown. A local anesthetic is usually used to numb the area around the varicose vein.

Catheter insertion: A small incision is usually made in the skin near the varicose vein. A thin catheter is then passed through the vein to the area to be treated.

Radiofrequency energy: When the catheter is in place, it emits radiofrequency energy. This energy heats the vein wall, causing the vein to shrink and eventually close.

Monitoring: The procedure is closely monitored using ultrasound or other imaging technology to ensure accurate placement of the catheter and effective treatment of the varicose vein.

Recovery: After the procedure, you can usually go home the same day. You will be instructed to wear compression stockings and avoid intensive physical activity for a period of time to help with the healing process.

Sykehuslege Dr. Mehdi Sahba, er spesialist i karkirurgi med over 15 års erfaring med behandling av åreknuter (varicer) med endovenøs teknikk. Han har behandlet flere hundre pasienter med vellykkede resultater. Dr. Sahba har sin legeutdannelse fra Karolinska i Stockholm, med spesialisering i generell kirurgi og karkirurgi ved Akershus universitetssykehus. Han er medlem av Norsk Karkirurgisk Forening.

Bestill time til konsultasjon for vurdering om videre behandling.

  • Operasjon med laser 1 ben - 10,000 kr
  • Operasjon med laser 2 ben - 15,000 kr
  • Lokal ekstirpasjon av varicer* for 1 ben - 3,000 kr
  • Lokal ekstirpasjon av varicer* for 2 ben - kr 5,000 kr

*Lokal ekstirpasjon av varicer skjer i kombinasjon med laserbehandling

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