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Our skilled dermatologists have broad experience from both public and private hospitals. They can diagnose and treat all skin conditions, without a referral and at an affordable price.

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FotoFinder: full check-up of your moles

FotoFinder is one of the market's most advanced devices for monitoring skin and moles. The machine scans your entire body and creates a digital map of the moles. This map makes it easier to follow the development of spots, so that the doctor can detect changes early.

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NEW: Advanced laser treatment

Dr. Dropin has invested in some of the most advanced lasers on the market for the treatment of a number of difficult and common skin problems.

You can find our lasers at Dr. Dropin Hegdehaugsveien at Majorstuen and in Stavanger.

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Advanced skin surgery

At Dr.Dropin at Majorstua, we have leading plastic surgeons specializing in skin and hand surgery. The plastic surgeons are highly qualified and keen to offer surgery at reasonable prices, without surprising additions.

They help you with everything from mole removal to removing skin cancer on the face.

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This is what we can help you with

At Dr.Dropin, you will meet specialists on your skin who can diagnose and treat all skin disorders. Dermatologists are highly qualified and passionate about offering good skin services at a fixed price at no extra charge.

The skin is our largest organ that we must take good care of throughout a lifetime. The skin is a barrier that envelops and protects us and helps to give us our appearance. Most people will experience skin disease during their lifetime, whether it is acne, rashes or moles that have changed.

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Moles and skin cancer

Våre hudleger er svært opptatt av å identifisere føflekk- og hudkreft tidlig, og kan diagnostisere og behandle raskt når dette identifiseres.

Long-term or recurring skin disorders

Many people have chronic or recurrent skin disorders. Our dermatologists take your condition seriously and provide you with the treatment necessary for you to feel as good as possible.

Skin lumps

There are a wide range of conditions that can cause lumps and growths in the skin. Our dermatologists offer a short waiting time for assessment of the cause and treatment

Eczema and rashes

We treat all types of eczema and rashes, both acute and chronic in adults and children.

Sun damage and pigmentation

There are several skin conditions that can appear on the outside of the body, in connection with, for example, the sun and pregnancy.

Contagion, infections and inflammations

Ulike bakterier, parasitter og midd kan gi utslag i huden. Våre hudleger vil gi deg rask og effektiv behandling.

Laser treatments

We have the market's most advanced lasers to solve a number of skin disorders, such as acne scars, warts and hair removal.

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