Dr. Dropin and the Transparency Act

Dr. Dropin er forpliktet til å respektere menneskerettighetene, oppfylle lovens krav og levere høykvalitets helsetjenester i samsvar med internasjonale standarder.

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Human rights and good working conditions

As part of our commitment to respect basic human rights and ensure decent working conditions, we at Dr. Dropin are committed to complying with the law's requirements. Our goal is to deliver high-quality healthcare services while adhering to international standards and principles for human rights. We are committed to operating the business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner that respects and promotes human rights. We take our responsibility to comply with the law seriously, and we will carry out our work to meet the law's requirements in accordance with the OECD's methodology for due diligence assessments.

Therefore, by 30 June 2023 and annually thereafter, or in the event of significant changes in our risk assessment, we will carry out an assessment in accordance with the requirements of the law. This shows our commitment to transparency and accountability in our business.

If you would like more information or have questions regarding our due diligence assessment, please contact us at hei@drdropin.no

Redegjørelse for aktsomhetsvurderinger, 2022-2023