Couple therapy

In couples therapy, the focus is on working with the relationship –whether you are spouses, lovers or cohabitants. The aim will be to create greater understanding, show more generosity, better express your own needs and strengthen the communication you have with each other.

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Who is couples therapy for?

You may have different prerequisites for wanting to start couples therapy. Some want to deal with problems or repair after conflicts that have already occurred in the relationship. Others, on the other hand, want to prevent problems or strengthen an already good relationship. Examples of common problems in the couple relationship that we can help with are:

💭 Relational patterns
💭 Connection
💭 Communication difficulties
💭 Jealousy
💭 Sexual problems
💭 Role conflicts

How does it work?

In couples therapy, you will meet one of our psychologists together. After the problem for the therapy has been identified, the psychologist will contribute to this being explored and understood from both perspectives. Depending on what you want to work on, the psychologist can suggest various exercises or tasks that you can practice on during and between classes. We offer couple therapy both in our clinic in Kirkegata 1-3, and via video.

How much does couples therapy cost?

We offer a consultation with a psychologist from NOK 1,795 in the clinic, and NOK 1,695 via video. You can choose between a 75-minute or 45-minute conversation. We like to recommend that the first consultation lasts 75 minutes.

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Get to know our couples therapists

Ida is an authorized psychologist with experience from both specialist healthcare services and low-threshold services. Ida is dedicated to working with interpersonal topics and is particularly interested in the patterns we bring from our own lives into our romantic relationships. Couples therapy often starts with a problem, but it can also be about enriching the relationship, getting to know each other better, and feeling safer together.


Ingrid is an authorized psychologist with several years of experience in specialist health services working with both children, adolescents, and adults. In conversations with couples, she is focused on ensuring that both parties feel safe to discuss difficult topics. With a therapist present, it can be easier to explore things that might otherwise be hard to talk about. When individuals can express their own feelings and needs to their partner, it often leads to increased understanding and generosity in the relationship. Ingrid will challenge you on entrenched communication patterns and help you to better understand each other.


Benjamin is an authorized psychologist with several years of experience within the specialist health service and family welfare. He has good expertise in topics that deal with relationship difficulties, sexual problems, role conflicts and communication.

In the therapy room, Benjamin is keen to meet couples in a respectful, non-judgmental and warm way. The therapy room should be a place where you can balance seriousness and humor together, while at the same time you should be able to get to the core of your difficulties. Benjamin believes that together you will find out what is right for your relationship, and that you can be challenged to make the necessary changes after a conversation with him. Here, you should be allowed to talk about anything!


Thomas is an authorized psychologist who has worked in low-threshold services and specialist healthcare services. He has experience with children, adolescents, adults, and families, and has broad expertise in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders. He also holds a PhD in psychology, where he conducted research on the importance of exploring the client's needs and allowing them to guide the therapy process.

In his work with couples, Thomas tries to create a conversational climate where it feels safe for both parties to present their perspectives. This can make it easier to identify common goals and issues for therapy. The focus is on dysfunctional dynamics in the relationship, as well as work on communication, mutual trust, and respect, which are central themes.

Thomas Thomas

It is easy enough to meet the other person in a generous, warm and welcoming way when you have surplus and energy. It is something completely different when you are tired and perhaps feel a little misunderstood or used? During this period, you may begin to doubt the relationship.

In couples therapy, the couple is my client. What benefits the couple, how should the couple get along? I am not concerned with right and wrong (as it almost never benefits the "couple"), and think sex, humour, care and mutual understanding through good communication are essential pieces to make a relationship grow and thrive. Talking can be important for gaining common understanding and frameworks, but change comes through doing something different. In the therapy, I will therefore make use of a number of tools such as role-playing, homework and specific tasks so that you will once again feel the desire, the joy and the playfulness, individually and together.


Viktoria is an authorized psychologist specializing in several years of experience within specialist healthcare services. There is no right or wrong answer to when it is appropriate to go to couples therapy. We meet couples in the establishment phase characterized by falling in love, couples who have encountered challenges or crises, as well as couples who try therapy as a last attempt to save the relationship. We work with prevention, repair, problem-solving, and follow-up.

Themes that often recur in this type of therapy are difficulties with communication and intimacy, infidelity and distrust, physical or mental illness, different values and attitudes towards important topics, and new phases or major changes in life. Viktoria is committed to creating a safe space where both parties feel seen and heard, but where there is also room to delve into what is painful and difficult.


NorwegianBodyLinkEt godt samliv utgjør for mange hjørnesteinen i et lykkelig liv. På sitt beste er et parforhold en trygg havn å returnere til når livet stormer, og en vitaliserende kraft som gir grobunn til felles og personlig utvikling. I terapirommet tilstreber Andreas å hjelpe par å gjenskape den gjensidige tryggheten, nysgjerrigheten og fortroligheten de tidligere har kjent på. Gjennom å løfte frem begges perspektiver på en empatisk måte ønsker han å skape et klima der opplevelser kan deles trygt, og innsikt i hverandre kan oppnås. Det er nettopp denne innsikten i seg selv, den andre og hvordan man virker inn på hverandre som synliggjør veien ut av tilsynelatende fastlåste mønstre.

Å gå i parterapi er for mange nytt og skummelt farvann. Som parterapeut er Andreas derfor opptatt av at alle parter skal føle seg sett, anerkjent og ivaretatt. I kjernen av Andreas sin terapeutiske tilnærming er en ektefølt nysgjerrighet på andres indre verden. Han vet fra tidligere arbeid med par at ingen parforhold er like. Det er derfor viktig for han at parene opplever terapien som skreddersydd deres behov.


The relationship between partners has a great impact on how we feel as humans. Struggling in a relationship can often steal a lot of energy and quality of life in everyday life. Many may feel exhausted from arguing or feeling a great loneliness over the distance that has emerged where there was once love. Perhaps you also spend a lot of time pondering about the relationship on your own?

Camilla is particularly interested in how different attachment patterns play a role in relationships. It may, for example, be about how we are used to expressing emotions or how we handle conflicts. These differences can in turn lead to us feeling that our own needs are not being met, and at the same time that we misunderstand our partner more than we think.

Many couples hesitate to seek help, for various reasons. In a busy everyday life, the relationship may fall far down on the priority list. Seeking couples therapy is a clear prioritization of the relationship, and gives you an opportunity to have time and peace to focus on the relationship without other disturbances present.

It is not uncommon for couples to come to couples therapy with different goals and expectations. In such cases, it is important to spend enough time clarifying common goals for what we should work on further. Camilla is committed to ensuring that both parties feel seen and acknowledged in the therapy room, and that it feels safe to bring up what is on their mind.

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