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Many people wonder what a dermatologist can help with, and when they should seek help from a skin specialist.

Here you can read answers to frequently asked questions about seeing a dermatologist.

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Dermatologists can diagnose and treat most skin conditions. Our dermatologists have high expertise and experience from both the private and public sectors. They are dedicated to providing you with the best treatment and making it as efficient as possible for you as a patient. Therefore, we always strive to perform treatment and surgery during your consultation with us. In cases where it is deemed appropriate, we can also assist with referring you to the public healthcare system.

What can our nurses help with?

Our skin nurses often assist during the consultation, and in certain treatments will continue the follow-up after you have been with us. This applies, for example, to sweat treatment with Botox, where you always have to be first assessed by a dermatologist, but then treated by a nurse, or further treated with warts.

Our nurses also carry out their own treatments which you can book directly with them, for example when removing skin tags, milia or cherry angiomas, or when removing hair growth with our hair removal laser. In cases where the nurse is unsure of the diagnosis, the nurse will recommend that you see a dermatologist instead. You will then not pay for a consultation with a nurse.

When should I use clinic?

You can visit the clinic for any skin disorders, and here you will also have the opportunity to undergo surgery or removal if necessary. Particularly for the examination of moles, other types of spots, or growths, it is recommended to come to the clinic. This also applies to the treatment of scabies. This is done so that the dermatologist can examine you with a dermatoscope or microscope to provide an accurate diagnosis and perform a biopsy if needed. It is also in the clinic where we offer treatments such as laser therapy and PDT (Photodynamic Therapy).

When should I use picture consultation?

A great many skin disorders can be solved via imaging, such as rashes, eczema, mouth sores, hives, etc. You can also get help to treat acne via a photo, but if you want treatment for severe acne where you have tried most everything else, you should have a consultation with a dermatologist via video or in a clinic. The doctor will be able to write a prescription and give clear advice/instructions for treatment and prevention.

When should I use video?

Video is a good way to get help with many different skin disorders, such as acne, rosacea, rashes etc. In the case of moles, the actual picture is even better, otherwise, it is always smart to come into a physical clinic so that we can assess you with a dermatoscopy. In the case of acne and other problems where there is a need to talk more about symptoms and consider treatment, a video would be a good alternative.

Will the dermatology appointment at Dr. Dropin be recorded in my medical records with my regular doctor?

If you wish for your regular doctor to be informed about the topic and content of your appointment with Dr.Dropin, the doctor who treated you will send this information to your regular doctor.