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Many women are nervous about going to the gynaecologist, have a number of questions about how a gynecological examination takes place and how to prepare for the appointment.

Here you can read answers to frequently asked questions about going to the gynecologist.

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Can I say no to an examination by the gynaecologist?

Ja, det er du selv som bestemmer om du skal undersøkes. Noen ønsker å møte gynekologen først for å bli trygg og ha en samtale rundt hvordan en undersøkelse foregår, før de kommer tilbake på en ny time for selve undersøkelsen.

Can I just come for a chat?

You can. You decide for yourself what you want to spend your time with the gynecologist on. Our gynecologists are knowledgeable and confident professionals who are happy to help you with advice and recommendations.

What does a gynecologist do?

Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in diseases of the female reproductive system. They perform ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries, take a pap smear and other samples from the pelvis and check you for infections. They can diagnose and treat diseases such as endometriosis, infertility, cysts and abdominal pain.

Can I go to the gynecologist if I have my period?

In most cases, yes. If it's for cervical cancer screening, the Pap test can sometimes be inconclusive if you're bleeding profusely, but if it's one of the lighter days of your period, you should be fine. It's perfectly fine to bleed when you have a gynecology appointment.

Can I use a tampon when I go to the gynecologist?

You can leave the tampon or menstrual cup in until just before the examination. If you come for a pap smear, it is recommended to use pads for two days before. Other than that, there are no special procedures or things you need to do before going to the consultation, and you don't need to shave or wash in a special way.

Can you go to a gynecologist without a referral?

With a private gynecologist, such as with Dr. Dropin, you can book an appointment directly yourself, without a referral.

Is a gynecologist expensive?

How much it costs to see a gynecologist will vary somewhat depending on the type of examination to be had and how long it takes. With us, the vast majority pay a fixed price of NOK 1,195. We do not charge extra for regular tests, but for surgery.

How much does an consultation at a gynecologist cost?

A 20-minute gynecological consultation costs NOK 1,195. You can see the complete price list here:

Should I book a single or double consultation?

How long the class should be depends on you and your needs. We have an offer of a double appointment (40 min) for those who want extra time with the gynecologist or have several problems they want solved in one visit. The vast majority manage well with individual lessons of 20 minutes. Examples of problems that require 40 minutes are the first pregnancy check and fertility assessment for couples.

How often should you have a gynecological examination?

At the age of 25-69, it is recommended that you go to a doctor or gynecologist at least every 3 years to have a pap smear. You will receive a summons in Digipost from the Cancer Registry if it is time for a new screening test. You should also see a gynecologist if you have symptoms from the pelvic area.

When should I go to the gynecologist?

Some examples are pain during intercourse or pain from the lower abdomen that you cannot explain. Annoying menstrual cramps are another example. If you get breakthrough bleeding or bleeding after menopause, you should also see a doctor.

Can a gynecologist see if you have cancer?

At Dr. Dropin, the gynecologist has a special microscope called a colposcope. The gynecologist can use this to study your cervix and look for changes that may indicate cell changes or cancer. The gynecologist also has an ultrasound, which in some cases can produce fillings or abnormal findings that should be examined in more detail by, for example, a biopsy.

Is it free to take a pap smear?

If you take a pap smear at your GP, you pay a deductible. If you have indications of cell changes, suspect cervical cancer or have received a reminder from the cervical program and book an appointment with a gynecologist with a pap smear/HPV test at Dr. Dropin, the pap smear or HPV test is free. With us, you pay for the consultation itself (NOK 1,195).

What does the gynecologist ask?

The gynecologist will ask you if you have any diseases and if you use any regular medicines. The gynecologist will also ask you if you have had an vaginal examination with a doctor before or if this is the first time. You will also be asked if you are afraid, so the gynecologist can pay extra attention to your concerns.

What happens during a gynecological examination?

First, the gynecologist will get to know you, make you feel at ease and understand your problem. If an examination is required to help you further, you will be offered to undress behind a curtain. We offer free disposable skirts that many people accept to feel less undressed.

What should you preferably not do before an appointment with a gynecologist?

Avoid washing inside the vagina, the gynecologist will like to check if the discharge is normal, which is easier if it has not been washed away. You don't have to worry about the smell and the appearance underneath. You don't have to shave. The gynecologist has seen thousands of abdomens and all are different - as different as our faces. This is the everyday life of the gynecologist, even if it is not for you :)

Can you ask for a female gynecologist?

When it comes to treatment in the public sector, you have the right to necessary and proper health care, but you are not entitled to a therapist of a specific gender and cannot demand this. There are many male gynecologists and you cannot reserve yourself against this. At Dr. Dropin, you choose which gynecologist you want to see.

How much does it cost to have a cervical pap smear?

A cervical smear on indication (screening or as part of an investigation) costs NOK 1195, it is included in the consultation price. Dr.Dropin has fixed and predictable prices, with no hidden additional costs.

Can cervical cancer be seen on ultrasound?

Cancer in the cervix cannot usually be seen with ultrasound, but with the help of a speculum and light, possibly also a colposcope, the gynecologist can look for changes on the cervix.

How often should I have a cervical pap smear?

Women between the ages of 25 and 69 are recommended to have a cervical pap smear every five years. The sample is analyzed for HPV (Human Papillomavirus). If HPV has not been detected, the next test is recommended in 5 years. Always follow the recommendations of the cervical program and/or your gynaecologist. Sometimes it happens that you have to take samples more often than the standard program.

Can you have cervical cell changes without HPV?

Cell changes do not only have to be caused by HPV infection or precursors to cervical cancer. Fungal infections, herpes viruses and other microorganisms can also cause cell changes, for example. It takes several years before a cell change caused by the HPV virus turns into cervical cancer. HPV is transmitted through sexual contact.

How do you notice cancer in the pelvic area?

Gynecological examination, cervical pap smear (cell sample and HPV test) is important for early detection of cervical cancer or cell changes. The cervical sample is obtained through a gynecological examination, where a small brush is used to collect cells from the surface of the cervix.

Can you get cervical cancer without being sexually active?

If you have never had any kind of sex, the risk of developing cervical cancer is very low. HPV (Human papillomavirus) is the cause of the vast majority of cases of cervical cancer, and the virus can be transmitted through all forms of sexual contact.

How do you notice cancer in the uterus?

The first symptoms of uterine cancer are usually abnormal vaginal bleeding. Pain or pressure in the abdomen are other symptoms.

What does it mean to be HPV positive?

A positive HPV test means that you have an HPV infection in the cervix. In the case of a persistent infection over many years, there is a higher risk of developing cell changes. Cell changes usually go back on their own as the body manages to fight the viral infection.

Is it painful to take a biopsy of the cervix?

It is recommended that you take paracetamol 1 gram 1-2 hours before the operation. You receive a local anesthetic in the area where the sample is taken, but it can be uncomfortable after the biopsy. It is normal to bleed a little from the wound after the examination, it is advisable to use a sanitary towel.

Is it painful to have an examination with a gynaecologist?

If you relax and don't tense up, it's usually painless. If you are very tense, you can ask for breaks or say that it is uncomfortable. It is important to try your best to relax, the gynecologist will help you with this. For the vast majority, it goes perfectly well and is without discomfort.

Can you book an appointment directly with a gynecologist?

If you want to book an appointment with a gynecologist yourself, you must go to a gynecologist who works privately. The public gynecologist requires a referral from a doctor. Appointments can be booked easily here :

How do you take a cervical pap smear?

During a cervical test, cells are scraped from the cervix with a swab/brush, and these cells are examined for HPV/human papilloma virus or examined under a microscope.

Can you have intercourse before going to the gynecologist?

You should avoid intercourse for two days before the pap smear. Other tips to get the most correct test possible are to avoid tampons, use of vaginal creams, gels or medicines that are intended for application in the vagina for two days before the Pap test.

Can a gynecologist see if you have ovulated?

The gynecologist assesses the uterus and the shape of the uterine cavity. With the help of contrast liquid, you can see if the fallopian tubes are open. Egg reserves are also assessed. You cannot see all the eggs, but you can see the eggs that have begun to mature for ovulation

Can a gynecologist take a blood test?

Yes, the gynecologist takes a blood test for NIPT. For other blood tests, you will receive a requisition which can be taken to Furst's sampling stations or another laboratory (e.g. GP).