Instructions for use – throat swab

Here you will get a step-by-step introduction to how to take a throat chlamydia test, and contains the following:

  • Attaching the label to the test tube
  • Sampling
  • Sending the test for analysis
  • Further process
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What the home test contains

  • Instructions for use
  • Test tube and cotton swab/pipette
  • Label with bar code for test tubes
  • Transport sleeve to protect the sample during shipment
  • Stamped envelope to be sent to Fürst Medical Laboratory

How to attach the label to the test tube

If you have ordered several tests, it is important that you attach the correct label to the correct test tube. For a throat test, you must use an orange test tube.

NB! Labels that are incorrectly attached may result in the sample not being analysed.

  • The label will state the type of test you are to perform.
  • Check that the social security number is correct.
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  • Find the right test tube for the test you are taking.
  • Test tubes for throat swabs are orange.
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  • Stick on the part of the label that has the barcode and social security number on it.
  • At the same time, remember to stick the label so that the arrow points up towards the cork.
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  • Attach to the label.
  • The transport sleeve with grey/green cap must not be marked.
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How to take the throat swab

  • Clean your hands and stand in front of a mirror as you take the test.
  • Open the package with the cotton swab.
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  • Make sure to keep the cotton swab sterile by holding below the line on the swab.
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  • Gape high, and rub the stick against the back pharyngeal wall, and then quickly against the area of the throat where the tonsils are located.
  • Try to avoid touching the tongue, the side of the mouth and the teeth.
  • Then unscrew the cap on the orange test tube. Note: the liquid that is already in the tube should not be poured out.
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  • Insert the cotton swab into the test tube.
  • Place the stick so that the black dotted line on the stick is at the edge at the top of the tube.
  • Break off the pin at the dotted line.
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  • Discard the top part of the stick.
  • Put the lid on and screw on tightly.
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How to send the test for analysis

  • Place the orange test tube in the transport sleeve with the green/grey cap, and screw the cap back on.
  • Place the sample in the envelope addressed to Fürst, making sure the envelope is well sealed. The sample can be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator (2°- 30°C).
  • Deliver the envelope to your nearest post office or Post i Butikk - it has already been paid for and you only need to deliver it.
  • The sample is then sent to the Fürst Medical Laboratory for analysis.
  • Dr. Dropin will contact you as soon as the sample has been analysed. It usually takes 3-7 working days from the time the envelope is sent.
  • You will be notified with an SMS with a link to Pasientsky where you log in with your Bank ID and get access to the test result.
  • If the test result is positive, you will also be called by one of our nurses.

What happens if you get a positive test result?

If the test is positive, you will be contacted by a nurse at Dr.Dropin. You will then be told to go to this website to apply for treatment, which you will receive within 2 hours after the form has been sent.

If you have further questions after the phone call, the nurse will issue a discount code for video doctor for NOK 1,– if you have questions that the nurse cannot answer. For other questions or inquiries, you can always contact us at

For more information about treatment in the event of a positive chlamydia or gonorrhea test, you can read more under the course of treatment on the chlamydia test main page.

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