Dermatologist price list

We have fixed prices for consultations with a dermatologist:

  • Consultation in clinic NOK 1195,–
  • Video consultation NOK 995,–
  • Image consultation NOK 495,–

If you need treatment for your skin problem, an additional cost will incur. Below you will find an overview of our prices for various additional treatments.

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Simple surgery

Simple surgery is used for removals with less risk and complexity. This is, for example, when removing skin tags, milia, seborrheic keratoses, warts or growths. This price applies to as many as you can during a consultation. If the time runs out, you will have to pay for an extra consultation hour.

Ordinary surgery

Ordinary surgery is the removal of moles and other skin lesions with higher complexity and risk, which a dermatologist must perform, often in collaboration with a nurse. If we suspect that a mole may contain cancer, we remove it then and there and send it to a laboratory for biopsy.


Extended surgery

Facial mole removal, larger moles. Extended excisions of MM in situ, atheroma or lipoma.


Laser treatment

Effective and gentle treatment for a range of skin problems. With the laser's various strengths and functionalities, you will get a tailor-made course of treatment, adapted to your skin problems.


FotoFinder (molescan)

This includes mapping of all moles, macroscopic and dermatoscopic photo with FotoFinder. Any surgical removal of the mole(s) is not included in the package, but can be performed by our dermatologists.

1 395,– incl. Consultation

Acne treatment

If you have moderate to severe acne, and previously had no effect with local treatment and antibiotics, the next step is a strong tablet regimen issued by a dermatologist. This tablet regimen requires close follow-up by a dermatologist. This treatment lasts several months and it can be costly. That is why Dr. Dropin has a fixed price for a dermatologist, so that you get dermatologist consultations until the desired result is achieved.

From 995,-/1 395,–

Fotodynamisk behandling (PDT) - pris per felt 1 500,-

Treatment method for certain types of skin cancer and sun-damaged skin.

Price per field 1 500, -

Sweat treatment – armpits

Applies to patients who receive medication on a blue prescription after consultation with our dermatologist.

2 295,– / 3 490,-

Epikutantest 1 000,-

Patch test for suspected allergy to substances that come into contact with the skin.

1 000,–

Ingrown toenail

The price includes surgery and a double hour. To order this, you must call support so that they can book a double hour for you with the right dermatologist.

3 690, - (incl. Consultation)

Our digital services

Many of the assessments we make in a physical consultation, we can also assess via video or image. Read more about how we can help you below.

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