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Dr. Azita Mahmoudan

Clinic: Dr.Dropin Hegdehaugsveien.

Professional profile: Doctor and specialist in gynecology and fertility.

Education: Physician and specialist in gynecology. Graduated as a specialist in infertility and IVF at the renowned University of Tehran.

Work experience: Dr. Azita Mahmoudan has been a doctor since 1997, obstetrician and gynecologist since 2004. Dr. Mahmoudan has broad experience, and has worked as a gynecologist at the central hospital in Växjö (Sweden) and as a senior physician at Volda hospital.

Languages: Norwegian, English and Persian.

Areas: Dr. Azita Mahmoudan can assist in all gynecological issues. She carries out annual check-ups, pap smears, ultrasounds, contraceptive guidance, NIPT, IUD insertion and ultrasounds at all stages of pregnancy. Dr. Azita Mahmoudan is also a fertility expert and is currently writing a PhD on PCOS. Endometriosis is also one of her core areas. She has a great interest in helping childless couples achieve their dream of having children.

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Dr. Azita Dr. Azita
Dr. Azita

Dr. Aditi Singh

Clinic: Dr.Dropin Majorstuen, Dr.Dropin Skøyen and Dr.Dropin Hegdehaugsveien.

Professional profile: Doctor and specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

Work experience: Dr. Singh has broad experience and has worked in the field of gynecologists since 2014, at Østfold Hospital.

Language: Norwegian, English, Hindi and Urdu.

Areas: She has a particular interest in holistic women's health and improving the offer for the minority group. Some of her specialist areas are issues with women at a young age, such as bleeding disorders and contraception. She has broad expertise in pregnancy and pregnancy, fertility and follow-up both before and after. Likewise, Dr. Aditi Singh has experience with complaints related to menopause, uterine prolapse and urinary leakage.

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Dr. AditiDr. Aditi
Dr. Aditi

Dr. Julia Hoge

Clinic: Dr.Dropin Grünerløkka.

Subject profile: Chief physician and specialist in gynecology.

Education: Chief physician and specialist in gynecology. Further educated as a specialist at Nyköping and Karolinska Institut Huddinge.

Work experience: Dr.Julia Hoge has practiced since 2001 and has extensive experience from hospitals in both Sweden and Norway. In Norway, she has worked as a chief physician at both Østfold and Ringerike hospital.

Languages: Norwegian, Swedish, English and German.

Areas: Dr. Julia Hoge can assist with almost all questions within gynecology and obstetrics, but has particularly good knowledge of cell changes, hormonal disorders and menopause, as well as contraception and fertility.

In addition to good professional knowledge, there are several things that are equally important to Julia. As a doctor, Julia is very concerned about good patient contact and always takes plenty of time for examinations. Her goal is for the patient to feel heard during the examination and well informed after the examination. She wants to explain as well as possible, so that she and the patient are on the same page. She also follows up with as fast as possible answers to test results.

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Dr. JuliaDr. Julia
Dr. Julia

Dr. Jitka Sladkova

Clinic: Dr. Dropin Majorstuen and Dr. Dropin Ensjø.

Professional profile: Gynecologist and specialist in women's diseases.

Education: Jitka studied medicine in the Czech Republic and France and graduated as a specialist in 2014.

Work experience: Jitka has worked at a university hospital in the Czech Republic and later at a district hospital. Since 2015, she has worked in Norway as a senior physician in a hospital and for the past 6 years as a privately practicing gynecologist in Oslo.

Language: Norwegian, English, French, Slovak and Czech.

Areas: Jitka has, among other things, 1 year's experience as an IVF doctor (treatment of involuntary infertility) both at Rikshospitalet in Oslo and at a private clinic. She has a desire and motivation to welcome women in all phases of life and give them the best individual treatment they need and want. She is keen to give patients a choice of several possible treatment methods that suit them best. For Jitka, it is important that patients feel safe, get answers to all their questions and go home with the good feeling that they will be happy to come back here next time.

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Dr. JitkaDr. Jitka
Dr. Jitka

Dr. Marit Garberg Andvig

Clinic: Dr.Dropin Majorstuen and Dr.Dropin Hegdehaugsveien.

Professional profile: Physician and specialist in gynecology.

Education and work experience: Dr. Andvig became an approved specialist in 1985 with education in obstetrics and gynecology at the Central Hospital in Aust-Agder, surgery from Aust-Agder Central Hospital and additional training in psychiatry from Dikemark Hospital, as well as group 1 service at Aker Hospital.

Areas: Dr. Marit Garberg Andvig has many years of experience from, among other things, the gynecology and obstetrics department at the Central Hospital in Aust-Agder. She has also run a specialist practice with an agreement with Helse Sør-Öst for a number of years. Dr. Andvig can assist with all gynecological issues. She has a lot to offer as a specialist, is well up-to-date in the field and is keen to ensure good patient contact and follow-up.

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Dr. MaritDr. Marit
Dr. Marit

Dr. Milena Kresovic

Clinic: Dr.Dropin Skøyen.

Professional profile: Gynecologist and specialist in women's diseases and obstetrics

Education: Trained as a doctor in Croatia and completed the entire specialist training in gynecology in Norway.

Work experience: On a daily basis, Milena works as a section chief in the Gynecology Department at Bærum Hospital. Milena can assist in all gynecological problems and is particularly interested in obstetrics (treatment of mothers and fetuses during pregnancy and childbirth). Milena works with the entire spectrum of gynecology and performs operations at the hospital.

Special experience in: pregnancy, childbirth, gynecological cancer, cycle/bleeding disorders, fibroids, ovarian cysts, adenomyosis/endometriosis, infertility, miscarriages, PCOS, miscarriages and prolapses.

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Dr. MilenaDr. Milena

Dr. Nadine Massiah

Clinic: Dr. Dropin Majorstuen and Dr. Dropin Ensjø.

Professional profile: Gynaecologist, specialist in women's diseases and obstetrics, as well as researcher.

Education: Nadine Massiah is a trained specialist from Great Britain and works as a senior physician.

Work experience: Nadine worked in the UK with obstetrics and gynecology from 2003-2013 and in 2014 at Ullevål Hospital. She returned to the UK in 2015-2017 to work with female and male infertility and from 2017 at the Department of Reproductive Medicine, the Women's Clinic, Rikshospitalet and Ullevål Hospital in Oslo.

Areas: Gynecologist Nadine Massiah is a specialist in women's diseases and obstetrics, in addition to being a researcher. Some areas of expertise include PCOS, Endometriosis and fertility treatment. Nadine is concerned with being present for patients and works in the evening to give patients the opportunity to receive gynecological help outside normal working hours.

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Dr. NadineDr. Nadine
Dr. Nadine

Dr. Mandeep Gill

Clinic: Grünerløkka.

Professional profile: Dr. Mandeep will soon be a specialist in gynaecology.

Work experience: She works at Kalnes hospital with, among other things, obstetric care and women's diseases.

Language: Norwegian, English, Hindu

Areas of expertise: Dr. Mandeep Gill can assist in all gynecological issues. She carries out annual check-ups, pap smears, ultrasounds, contraceptive guidance, IUD insertion and ultrasounds in all stages of pregnancy.

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