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  • Optimize running technique
  • Prevent injuries
  • Training after any injuries

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Why do a run analysis?

We help you identify what you can do to be able to run faster, avoid injuries and end runs without pain.

Your running technique is analyzed using a custom camera that provides a detailed picture of how you run. The entire movement chain is assessed by a physiotherapist with special expertise in running, who will review your running technique with you.

You will receive guidance on how to optimize your technique during the race, as well as some exercises that are specific to this.

We can also guide you in which shoes you should use and can make sole adjustment if needed.

Become a stronger and healthier runner. Order a run analysis!

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Løpsanalyse for prestasjonsfremming

En av våre pasienter Max har erfaring med løping, men ønsker å ta løpingen til neste nivå. Se hvordan Therese har tilpasset løpsanalysen med fokus på nettop det: presentasjonsfremming!

Se en løpsanalyse i praksis!

Vår fysioterepaut Therese utførere en løpsanalyse for deg, uavhengig av ditt nivå. Her får en av våre pasienter, Lise, en løpsanalyse med fokus på skadeforebygging. Vi tilpasser naturligvis analysen til dine mål!

Løpsanalyse: Lise