Walking therapy

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What is walking therapy?

We invite you on a stroll with the psychologist, and take the conversation walking instead of sitting.

Why? We have great faith in combining physical and mental health. It can be easier to state your feelings into words being outside. Many also feel that this form of conversation is less formal, and experienced that thoughts become clearer out in the fresh air.


How does it work?

Book an appointment «Turapi» via the Dr.Dropin app and show up outside the clinic in Huitfeldtsgate 4A at the agreed time. The psychologist will be waiting for you at the front door. Typically, you go for a walk in the vicinity of the clinic..

How much does it cost? 45 minute walk with a psychologist - 1395 NOK

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Duty of confidentiality and privacy in the public space

The duty of confidentiality applies even if we are out in the public space, and it is important to point out that in this format we can never be 100% sure that parts of the conversation are not overheard. Through routines and choice of route, our psychologists will be aware of the duty of confidentiality and discuss how you together should relate to the duty of confidentiality on the trip. This can be, for example, taking breaks or talking lower when passing other people or in a natural way creating the greatest possible distance between you and others when you walk the route.

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Videre henvisning

Turapi egner seg ikke til utredning av psykiske lidelser. Oppstår det bekymring for at du kan ha alvorlige psykiske lidelser som vanskelig lar seg behandle med turapi alene, vil vi anbefale et annet format eller henvise deg til riktig instans for grundigere utredning og behandling.

Physical activity and the connection with mental health

Physical activity for most people is associated with increased feelings of well-being, self-confidence and self-control. The reason for this is that physical activity triggers the chemical reactions in the brain that have a positive effect on our mood. These are the same chemical reactions that also make us feel down and feel anxious.

Being active does not mean that you have to be in a gym or run several kilometers. It actually keeps going for a walk. Combining therapy with walking can therefore combine the effect of being active with getting in touch with a psychologist more easily.

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