Ultrasound may be used to assess the female reproductive organs. This may be related to pregnancy, but also to examine the uterus and ovaries. There are no known risks related to an ultrasound examination, it does not involve exposure to radiation as it involves sound waves, and it is not known to be harmful to the developing fetus during pregnancy.

Fixed price for consultation incl. 2D ultrasound: NOK 1,195

Additional price for 3D ultrasound: NOK 395 (only Majorstuen: Kirkeveien)

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Ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasound in Norway

In Norway, all pregnant women are offered an ultrasound scan in week 18-20. However, many pregnant women now choose to have an early ultrasound in private clinics. This can be performed from week 6. From week 6 to 11 it is possible to detect the fetal heartbeat, the number of embryos, confirm the location of the pregnancy (rule out ectopic pregnancy) and confirm the gestational age of the fetus. These weeks, the ultrasound is performed internally, i.e. through your vagina (transvaginally). From week 12 (11+0 to 13+6) we may assess the baby’s development. Our gynecologists may perform these scans. If any abnormalities are suspected, our gynecologists will refer you for further assessment and follow up. From week 15 the gender may be revealed.

Written by: General Practitioner Anne Marte Ladim
Last updated: 24. March 2020
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3D Ultralyd

At Dr.Dropin, you can take a 3D ultrasound between weeks 24 and 32. That period of pregnancy is considered the best time to get clear pictures of the baby in the womb. 3D ultrasound is a technology that gives you the opportunity to see the child's facial features and provides more detailed and clearer images than the usual 2D examination. The quality of the images depends on how the baby lies in the stomach and is affected by the amount of amniotic fluid, the position of the placenta and the position of the baby.

3D Ultrasound is offered at the Dr.Dropin Majorstuen: Hegdehaugsveien.

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What can an ultrasound examination find?

Ultrasound is part of the general check up in cases where disorders of the female reproductive organs are suspected, in which an internal ultrasound scan is performed, i.e. transvaginally. This allows the doctor to better visualize the internal organs, including cervix, uterus and ovaries. Ultrasound examinations may reveal tumors and cysts, myomas, polyps and abscesses. However, ultrasound may not be sufficient to differentiate between benign and malignant masses, hence this may require further evaluation with CT, MRI or surgery (laparoscopy).

Ultrasound scans are also useful in assessment and management of women who experience problems conceiving, infertility and fertility treatment.

Gynecologists with hospital experience

At Dr. Dropin, you get good help from skilled gynecologists with extensive experience from public and private hospitals. Our gynecologists can help with everything from cervical examination and abdominal pain, to fertility assessment and examinations

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