Vaccine in pharmacy

It should be easy to get a vaccine. We get you a prescription - the pharmacy administers the vaccine.

  • Available throughout the country
  • Response time 15 minutes

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You can get these vaccines through a digital prescription

Seasonal vaccines

Vaccination against influenza and pneumococci is recommended for everyone in the age group 65+ and other risk groups.

Travel vaccines

Are you planning on travel? In that case, it is recommended to follow the vaccination advice for the area you are traveling to.

Other vaccines

Do you need other vaccines? Then we offer the following.

How does vaccination work in pharmacies, and which pharmacies can I choose from?

How it works

Order prescription

Answer questions in the digital health form.

Receive SMS

A doctor reviews the form, and you receive an SMS with information on where you can take the vaccine.

Book appointment

Select the desired pharmacy and book an appointment for getting the vaccine.

Curious about what else you can get prescription on?

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