Workout with PT

You meet Personal Trainers (PTs) who are physiotherapists. We see it as our task to motivate and guide you to better health.

Price for one session with Personal Trainer is 895,-

Please do not hesitate to call us on 24 07 77 05.

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Why work out with a PT?

  • Learn about effective training methods
  • Get a tailored training program tailored to you and your needs
  • Get more motivation to exercise
  • Get help for injury prevention training
  • Get help with rehabilitation and training after injury
  • Suitable for everyone, regardless of level

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Get to know our personal trainers 🌻

We know that relevant competence and good chemistry are important. Find a personal trainer who is right for you.

Physiotherapist and PT Therese Skjølsvik

Therese treats musculoskeletal disorders in children and adults, with particular interest in exercise and work-related disorders, dizziness and headaches. She also works a lot with the neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot. Therese also has experience with ailments after undergoing pregnancy.

As Personal Trainer, she is committed to both beginners and experienced. She herself has competed in athletics and CrossFit daily. Therese focuses on the right technique, individual training plans, injury prevention measures and long-term progression. At Therese, you will experience a wonderful combination of professional skill and commitment.

Additional services which Therese offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Running analysis
✓ Personal trainer

Where can you book an appointment with Therese?
📍 Bislett

See available slots with Therese:

Physiotherapist and PT Christian Vargel

Christian treats a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, with particular areas of interest in back, shoulder, neck, knee and hip disorders. He finds it particularly rewarding to work with work- and stress-related ailments, as well as long-term pain problems and rheumatic ailments. He emphasizes a thorough investigation, and combines an active approach with manual measures where appropriate.

In addition to his education as a physiotherapist, he has a bachelor's degree in nutritional physiology, and has 7 years' experience as a PT. At Christian, you will meet a committed therapist who takes you and your ailments seriously.

Christian is particularly interested in:

Acute and long-term musculoskeletal disorders | Shoulder | Neck | Back | Knee | Ankle-foot | Tendonitis and strain-related injuries | Sports injuries

Additional services that Christian offers:
✓ Shock wave treatment
✓ Personal trainer

Where can you book an appointment with Christian?
📍Majorstuen - Majorstukrysset (Majorstuveien 30)

Se available slots with Christian:

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Physiotherapist and PT Emma Ulstein

Emma offers treatment for acute and long-term musculoskeletal disorders, with special interest in neck and back ailments as well as shoulder, hip and foot. She has experience in long-term pain conditions and takes the time to listen to you and your medical history. Together with you, Emma will find out how you can master everyday life, reduce pain and get to know your own body. As a personal trainer she uses her education and

Additional services which Emma offers:
✓ Shock wave therapy
✓ Personal trainer

See available slots with Emma at Majorstuen og Ensjø:


Physiotherapist and PT Kristoffer

Kristoffer is a dedicated therapist who specializes in treating musculoskeletal disorders. He has a special interest in exercise- and work-related complaints, as well as complicated pain conditions. Kristoffer works thoroughly with problems in the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and foot. As a physiotherapist, he is committed to helping both beginners and the more experienced. He has a background in handball, and is very active with CrossFit. Kristoffer attaches great importance to tailoring individual training plans, implementing injury prevention measures and ensuring long-term progress for his patients. When you meet Kristoffer, you will experience a perfect balance between professional skill and dedication.

Kristoffer places great value on the whole of a person's health and takes a thorough approach to solving your challenges. He keeps up to date with the latest research trends and has a great interest in the subject. Using various therapeutic tools, including pressure wave therapy, he creates an atmosphere characterized by respect, trust and positivity. Together you will find a safe and effective treatment that suits you

Kristoffer is particularly interested in:
Back | Neck | Shoulder | Knee | Hip | Ankle | Rehabilitation | Training | Sports injuries

Additional services that Kristoffer offers:
✓ Pressure wave treatment / ESWT
✓ Dry needle treatment
✓ Taping

Hvor kan du bestille time hos Kristoffer?
📍 Carl Berner (Dælenenggata 20)

See available slots with Kristoffer:

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