What really happens at the gynecologist?

At Dr.Dropin we can also help with assessment for severe menstrual pain, as our gynecologists can advise you on how to relieve the pain.

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Join Iselin Guttormsen for a gynecological examination

Sexologist and influencer Like many others, Iselin Guttormsen had many questions related to going to a gynecologist. Therefore, she brought her camera in, and filmed the whole experience. Watch the movies where Iselin goes to the gynecologist!

Meet our gynecologists

We are proud of the gynecologists at Dr.Dropin who meet patients with what they need: warmth, knowledge and a good mood.

Meet our gynecologists at Dr. Dropin
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At Dr.Dropin, we take women's health seriously!

Dr.Dropin wants to change attitudes about women's health by providing information and enlightenment to our patients. Several of the diseases within women's health are underdiagnosed, and there is a lack of knowledge among those who meet the patients first. Our gynecologists have expertise in women's health, where both doctors and gynecologists at Dr.Dropin take this seriously.

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